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Download and install ISIS for Windows
ISIS for Windows runs on Windows 2000 and XP only. We recommend Windows XP for ISIS. It will not run on other versions of Windows such as Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows ME. To run ISIS on Windows you need to download and install Later versions of Keyman are not free for personal use. However, if you already have a licensed copy of a later version installed on your system you may wish to retain it and install only one or more ISIS script packages without the Keyman installer. A Keyman-independent standalone version of ISIS will soon be released.

Configure your Windows Operating System
In order to run ISIS on Windows 2000 or XP you must

  • Enable Indic Language Support at the OS level and
  • Setup Indic Language Keyboards or Input Locales
Follow the link at the end of this paragraph. Find the instructions pertaining to your operating system (Windows 2000 or XP), and meticulously carry out steps 1 and 3 in the instructions. Ignore step 2 which is concerned with how to set up User and System Locales. While setting up Indic Language Keyboards or Input Locales, please ensure that an *ISIS keyboard* that you have just installed is associated with each Indian language that you select, rather than any of the keyboards mentioned in the instructions. Instructions for Configuring your OS.

Download Fonts (needed only for some scripts)
Some scripts are not natively supported with Windows yet. This is why you will have to download the appropriate fonts if you want to work in the following scripts :
  • For Bangla download the Bangla font (unless you have Windows XP Service Pack 2)
  • For Oriya download Andy White's Utkal font
  • For Malayalam download the ThoolikaUnicode font

Installing Fonts
  1. Place the (.ttf extension) font files in some directory of your choice
  2. Go to Control Panel -> Fonts
  3. Go to the File menu and select Install New Font...
  4. In the dialog that opens up, navigate to the folder where you kept the font files, select them and press 'OK'
Unicode fonts used in this site appear correctly only on Windows 2000 or XP and in Internet Explorer 6. Other browsers have not been tested.